Pudding sorted

When I eventually launch the secret supper club I think Apricot, Walnut and Lavender cake with Gin and Earl Grey ice cream may well be on the menu. Though next time I will use more Lavender flowers

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The Act of Killing

I have just returned from the most powerful film I have ever seen. It is not entertaining but it is thought provoking and harrowing. Not a single person in the cinema ate, drank, checked phone or I suspect even breathed. It is not an easy watch and it is a documentary though that oversimplifies it. Never had such a reaction to a film and it wont be around for long  I am guessing as it isn’t mainstream enough. It is certificate 15 but if you enjoy cinema this is incredible

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Thanks to a grant the Friends of Lowndes Park will be putting on Lowndesbourne our  very own homage to Glyndebourne with opera singers, classical musicians and all everyone else has to do is bring a picnic and enjoy. Oh and if someone could fix the weather that would be much appreciated. Anyone in the area on the 1st of September the event will begin at 2.00pm bring  a picnic

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Great Salad – thanks Nigel

Cherries, cherry tomatoes and (vegetarian salami) great accompanying salad courtesy of Mr Nigel Slater

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Weekend chefs

Thanks to Hugh Fearnely Wittingstall for supper on Saturday and pudding on Sunday. Once I have made some Tarragon oil I suspect that I will be thanking Mr Slater for lunch.

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The Archers

Have to say that I am a bit disappointed with the denouement of the Flower Festival. Enjoyed the lead up but then it seemed that the writers had run out of ideas and it sort of fizzled out. Hoping the same isn’t true of the Lillian/Paul storyline. Heard an interview with Anita Dobson who played Celia. She seemed to be speaking in the past tense so presumably her character is out of the story now

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Just got back from seeing Adrian Lester and Greg Kinnear at the National as Othello and Iago respectively. Mesmerising performances from each and such a powerful production. Three quarters of the audience gave a standing ovation. Very well deserved for such a great play and Lester’s final scenes are heartbreaking.

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Question Time

I have never seen the panel listen so closely to another panelist than they are hanging on the words of Russel Brand

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Behind the Candelabra

Went to see “Behind the Candelabra,” on Tuesday amongst an audience of predominantly over 60s and early 70s. The film is multi -layered if a little overlong but still a good film with several good comedy lines. Half way through the film there is a gay sex scene between Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as Scott. The very next line following the scene has Michael Douglas explaining to Matt Damon that he (Liberace) had always wanted to be a father at which point the elderly lady next to me shouted out ” not like that you won’t”

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